Megadoors are the perfect choice for aviation, mining and shipyard industries. With almost no limitation to size or configuration, vertical-lifting Megadoors are a great option for massive openings.

Hangar doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

If you have extraordinary access needs, fitting the right hangar doors will help your business grow.

Hangar doors are designed with few moving parts and require very little maintenance. Thanks to their unique design, they are particularly suitable for operating large openings in environments with strong winds, like in aviation hangars, shipyards, and mines. There is almost no limitation to the size or configuration of robust and reliable aviation doors, shipyard doors and mine doors, allowing you to withstand dirt, corrosion, high wind and extreme temperatures at your facility. 

If you operate cranes at your facility, you can ensure their rapid, reliable and energy-efficient operation by fitting specifically designed crane doors to tightly fit the crane and crane rails.

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