Loading dock equipment

Loading dock equipment is key in the efficient and safe handling of goods. Levelers, shelters, loadhouses and other accessories make loading and unloading more convenient and sustainable.

Loading Dock Equipment from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Make docking easy and quick. We offer you different solutions based on your building, traffic intensity or need for insulation. So whatever your needs, our dock levelers, dock shelters and loadhouses can be adjusted for your specific business.

Dock doors form an important gateway at the loading dock, minimizing energy loss, ensuring efficient workflow and securing warehouses, logistics centers or production plants, while a dock leveler bridges the gap between truck and the door itself in the loading bay. Installing a dock shelter reduces draughts into your building and makes loading and unloading more energy efficient. If you are looking for a complete docking solution, loadhouses combine dock shelter, dock door and dock leveler in one.

To enhance safety, convenience and security at your loading dock, you can choose from a range of smart loading dock accessories.

Contact ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to discuss how high quality loading dock equipment can meet your business needs when efficient and safe handling of goods is key.


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